Arquitecto Brasileiro Reinterpreta a Visão Indígena na Arquitectura Australiana: Jefa Greenaway e o Design Centrado no País


Jefa Greenaway, an indigenous Australian architect, is revolutionizing the world of architecture by integrating the “Country-centered design” approach into his works. This concept emphasizes collaboration with indigenous communities and places sustainability concerns at the core of projects, gaining traction within the country and beyond. Reporting from Melbourne, Greenaway’s story is a journey of rediscovering his roots and valuing indigenous architecture.

**O Primeiro Encontro com a Voz do Pai**

Jefa Greenaway will never forget the moment he heard his father’s voice for the first time. It was in 2017 while watching a documentary about the struggle of Australian indigenous people to be recognized in the country’s Constitution. “It was touching, surreal,” recalled Greenaway. In this film, his father, Bert Groves, an indigenous man and civil rights activist born in 1907, tells how he was prevented from seeking education due to the size of his skull, a victim of the pseudoscience of phrenology that persisted in Australia until the 20th century.

Now 53 years old, Greenaway was just a baby when his father passed away, being raised in Australia by his German mother. However, his father’s values, such as advocating for indigenous rights and valuing education, were instilled in young Greenaway. Today, he is one of the few registered indigenous architects in Australia and a leading advocate for “Country-centered design.”

**O Design Centrado no País**

Greenaway is a pioneer in integrating indigenous vision into modern architecture. His projects unquestionably carry the indigenous voice, and as Australian architecture journalist Peter Salhani states, “we need this more than ever.”

**Perguntas Frequentes (FAQ)**

**O que é “Country-centered design”?**

“Country-centered design” is an architectural concept that seeks to collaborate with indigenous communities and integrate sustainability concerns into the core of projects. It aims to incorporate the indigenous vision and connection to the land in architectural projects.

**Quem é Jefa Greenaway?**

Jefa Greenaway is an Australian architect of indigenous descent who is leading the redefinition of Australian architecture by integrating indigenous vision and sustainability into his projects. He is one of the few registered indigenous architects in Australia and a key advocate for “Country-centered design.”

**O que é frenologia?**

Phrenology is a pseudoscience that originated in the 19th century and persisted into the 20th century, seeking to determine a person’s personality and abilities through the size and shape of the skull. This idea was used to justify discrimination and segregation of minority groups, such as Australian indigenous people.

**Explicações de Termos**

**Indígena**: Refers to the peoples and communities who are the original inhabitants of a specific region before the colonization or migration of other groups.

**Sustentabilidade**: Concept that seeks to meet current needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

**Visão aborígine**: Refers to the beliefs, values, and cultural practices of Australian indigenous peoples, which include a deep connection to the land and nature.

This new article aims to highlight the importance of indigenous architecture and Jefa Greenaway’s contribution to redefining Australian architecture, providing additional information and cultural context for the reader.